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  • Essential Factors to Consider Before Renting a Printer

    Office equipment can add more value to your business operations – especially printing devices. Being a wise business owner, you must decide which equipment to lease and which to buy for optimal output. Whatever your choices, you need expert advice when deciding between purchasing or renting a printer. Renting can be a far better option than purchasing, and the underlying reasons could be countless.

    When settled for printer rental, you should count on a few essential factors before renting the device. Asking questions/considering these factors will ensure a smooth and safe rental process. Do you want to rent a printing device for your office? Contact printer rental in Abu Dhabi companies and browse their collection of devices. Keep walking with us to know more about the factors to consider before printer rental.

    Should I rent or purchase a printer? It is a common question that hits everyone’s minds, but digging into the truth is challenging. Finding the right answer can be hard to crack, but here is something for you: Renting is the best option to prefer over buying, and there are many reasons. Of all the office equipment, printers are the most crucial ones, and you can’t operate without them.

    Did you know?

    These stats reveal that printers are essential components, and you must rent one for your office. However, there are a few factors to consider before renting one.

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    Factors to consider before printer rental:

    Following are some important factors you must consider before renting a printing device for your office.

    • Monthly rental or rent-to-own?
    • Model of the photocopier
    • Duration of the rental contract
    • Monthly rent
    • Copier meter charge
    • The difference between free and minimum copies
    • Advance deposit or rent
    • Services and guarantees offered
    • Hidden costs
    • Your printing requirements
    • Terms and conditions of the agreement
    • Renewal and return policies
    • Solutions compatibility
    • Color output
    • Printing speed
    • Pages per minute PPM
    • Associated advantages/perks
    • Associated downsides
    • Rental types and terms available
    • Ease of use
    • Media handling
    • Printer size
    • Support
    • Image quality and resolution
    • Ink droplet size
    • Ink configuration
    • ICC profiles
    • Duplex printing
    • Finishing options
    • Printing security
    • Cost cutting

    Key Takeaway:

    Renting a printer can add various advantages to your business, and it is true. No matter your organization or business nature, you can opt for this decision. However, you should never ignore the maintenance factor associated with the rental agreement. Who will maintain the printer? Is it you or the provider who will take care of the device maintenance? It would be best to discuss this factor in advance before bringing the device to your office!

  • Digital Transformation Dos and Don’ts to Follow in 2023

    Digital transformation is taking over the business world quite rapidly. The authorities have realized the value and importance of human resources. They are taking measures that lessen the unnecessary load on the workforce and help them utilize technology for enhanced performance.

    Digital transformation features like document digitization and e-signatures provide ample support in streamlining various processes. It also improves customer satisfaction and reduces the waiting time of the workforce too. However, all of this is only possible when you pick the right service and support. You can contact Kofax partner in UAE and utilize expert advice to implement digital transformation in your workplace and ensure your growth.

    What is Digital Transformation?

    Digital transformation means integrating digital technology into the work processes and business and embracing automation. Document digitization and e-signatures are the most common examples.

    Dos of Digital Transformation:

    Embracing digital transformation can take businesses to new heights of growth. However, you must consider a few factors and follow them diligently. Here are the major dos you need to follow:

    1. Planning thoroughly
    2. Prioritizing security
    3. Ensuring easier adaptability
    4. Tracking and analyzing the data
    5. Paving the way for evaluations and adjustments

    Don’ts of Digital Transformation:

    Jumping on the bandwagon of digital transformation without a plan can do more harm to your business than good. Here are some major don’ts you need to follow to minimize your loss in the process:

    1. Ignoring customer experience
    2. Fretting over evolution
    3. Poor technology integration
    4. Misbalancing work teams
    5. Trusting just any service provider

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    Final Word!

    Digital transformation is taking over the business world rapidly. Rejecting its implementation will only cause loss to your organization. Explore and embrace the latest trends or take help from professional bodies to ensure the uncompromised success of your business.

  • Multifunctional Printers (MFPs) – All you should know

    Large business entities often need to print heavy loads of documents. An ordinary printer is not perfect for this heavy workload, and owners often think of something bigger. What is a better option than a Multifunctional printer available? Your business can enjoy the multiple advantages of this device, and bringing one to the office will change things.

    Multifunctional printers have various features like scanning, faxing, copying, and printing that ordinary printers can’t offer. However, you don’t need to worry about the budget as you can rent one to save costs and enjoy the benefits. Consider contacting printer rental Abu Dhabi companies to rent one for your office and enjoy its perks.

    Multifunctional printers (MFPs) can take your printing tasks to the next level. Business entities have always worked on printers to print documents and sensitive information. However, none of them have grabbed as much attention as MFPs, thanks to their high-end performance. MFPs are increasing in popularity, and it is evident from statistics.

    Quick Facts:

    • The Multifunctional printers market size will grow to USD 4.92 billion by 2025.
    • The market will witness a CAGR of 4% during the forecast period.
    • The Multifunctional printers market witnessed a YOY growth of 240% in 2021.

    These statistics can help you realize the importance of these printers and how they will benefit your business. Before we jump into its advantages, we will explore a few essential things. Let us begin!

    What is a Multifunctional printer (MFP)?

    An MFP is a primary piece of office/home equipment that serves as a copier or printer of documents. However, these devices’ functionality is not limited to copying and printing, as they can scan, email, and fax documents. Some have finishing options like stapling, folding, and hole punching.

    Essential features:

    Here are a few essential features of Multifunctional printers that you must know.

    • Fast printing speed
    • Efficient duty cycle
    • Low ink replacement cost
    • Quick copy speed
    • High scanner resolution
    • Automatic document feeder
    • Wi-Fi compatibility
    • Paper capacity
    • Graphics
    • Scanning features
    • Wireless printing

    Types of Multifunctional printers:

    Here are a few general types of MFPs that you can find in offices or houses.

    • Monochrome VS color
    • Inkjet VS laser
    • Ink VS toner
    • Home VS SMB offices

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    What to look for in an MFP?

    Before you purchase or rent a Multifunctional printer, you must look for the following factors.

    • Know your requirements
    • Print engine
    • Print resolution
    • Scanning features
    • Printing performance
    • Network and wireless connectivity
    • Printing output
    • Energy star certification
    • Memory

    What are the benefits of MFPs?

    Bringing a Multifunctional printer to your office or home can bring multiple advantages to the table. Here are a few prominent ones.

    • Convenience
    • Helps in document management
    • Saves office space
    • Affordability
    • Reduces office cost
    • Ease of use
    • Workplace efficiency
    • Cost efficiency

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    Key Takeaway:

    Choosing a Multifunctional printer for your office can be wise, but is it worth the investment? Do you need the MFP in the first place? It might be a heavy investment, and if your business doesn’t have too much to print, you probably will waste your money. Therefore, before purchasing or renting an Multifunctional printers, you better assess your business needs and decide whether you need an MFP.

  • Document Digitization – Positive Outcomes to Know

    Every element and type of corporate organization has already launched several document digitalization programs to replace paper documents. The basis of any company infrastructure is how records are managed within an organization. Modern-day companies have settled for document digitization, and the approach has turned out to be significantly fantastic on various fronts.

    Digitizing paper documents entails using numerous tools and strategies that computer systems may employ to automate workflows or procedures. It is the most crucial step in becoming a digital enterprise. If interested in document digitization, you should contact Kofax UAE companies to start proceedings. This post will reveal the positive outcomes of document digitization that you must know about!

    Document Digitization

    Document digitization might be a new term for you, but large-scale organizations are already pouncing on the opportunity. It is the process of converting physical data into digital formats or files. Physical documentation is an old-school concept, and transitioning to digital files sounds attractive.

    Did you know?

    • 72% of organizations are using a mix of paper-based and digital processes.
    • 22% of organizations use mostly digital document processes.
    • 10% of organizations use exclusively digital document processes.

    These statistics imply that only a handful of organizations are up for the task, and small businesses are still thinking about it. If you have been on the list of thinkers, this post will convince you to stop thinking and take action.

    Positive outcomes of document digitization:

    Document digitization can add various advantages to your business line. We will uncover a few prominent ones here to help you opt for this process. Let us roll through the following list!

    • Better storage capacity
    • Fast file retrieval
    • Easy accessibility
    • Greater document organization
    • Easier and faster collaboration
    • Better data recovery
    • Save on resources
    • Increased security
    • Environment-friendly approach
    • File longevity
    • Cost reduction
    • Data security
    • Enhanced productivity
    • Competitive advantage
    • Increases employee efficiency
    • Reduced need for physical storage
    • Decreases environmental footprint
    • Minimize operating costs
    • Ward off the risk
    • Modernize your organization
    • Save space
    • Business efficiency

    Key Takeaway:

    Document digitization and automation require you to have essential computer literacy and skills. It will never happen without this skill, and should you plan to hire an expert; you must stand ready to bear the extra cost. The trade-off between cost increase and cost-cutting can lead to an optimal budget figure, but what if you develop the skill without hiring a third party? It can save you more money!


    Different Types of Printers To Use for Your Document

    Learn More about Document Digitization in Detail.

  • Why and How to Pick the Best Business Projector?

    Business projectors are an absolute necessity of every official setup. They help people handle their meetings, discussion sessions and presentations smoothly, instead of all gathering on a single system. Investing in business projectors is an important decision you should not take lightly.

    All projectors are not the same. The technology used in them and the features they offer will specifically impact the quality of your experience. You must clearly know your requirement and pick the device accordingly. You can contact experts to pick the best device and make your work easier and more fluent.

    Reasons Every Organization Needs Business Projector

    Here are the major reasons investing in business projectors has become an absolute necessity for every organization:

    • Saves time
    • Easier for remote meetings
    • Takes off a load of printing
    • Boosts engagement
    • Perfect vision for everyone

    Top 10 Factors to Consider To Invest in Business Projectors

    You should not pick any business projector randomly, but consider the following factors to ensure you are investing in the best device:

    1. Check Contrast Ratio
    2. Explore Resolution
    3. Assess Ease of Use
    4. Review Projection Technologies
    5. Prefer Wireless Projection
    6. Check Projector Connections
    7. Review Throw Distance and Positioning
    8. Explore Image Position and Adjustment
    9. Analyze Monitor & Control
    10. Ensure Networking

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    Take Away!

    If you have difficulty choosing the perfect business projector for your setup, contact and consult Epson projector dealers in Dubai to pick the best device.

  • Common Printer Errors You Should Know About

    Anyone who has worked in an office will understand the importance of printing devices and photocopiers. These machines undertake a heavy load of business documentation, and often the output is needed quickly. Don’t you think a robust and efficient printing device is necessary for every office – especially the ones with more documentation needs? With a heavy load, ordinary printers often run into issues that are hard to mitigate.

    A reliable printing machine can cater to your business needs, but it won’t be perfect either! Every printer is prone to common issues (some are discussed in this post). However, enterprises should opt for a multifunctional printer like Xerox to reduce the frequency and chances of errors. Xerox printing machines are perfect for carrying the heavy documentation burden, and enterprises often find them helpful. Do you want to rent a Xerox for your office? Consider contacting Xerox Dubai companies and take your business documentation to the next level!

    Businesses always need to employ efficient printing and photocopying devices as they are mostly in demand these days. Enterprises often install these machines in offices to fulfill their documentation needs. However, choosing the right one for your office needs is tricky as various kinds are available in the market.

    Quick Points:

    The Printing industry can offer you the following kinds of printing devices for your home and office needs.

    How would you choose the best-suited printer for your office work? Well, it’s quite a challenge, but enterprises can capitalize on bringing the one with the least printing errors. The printing errors? The domain seems vast, and you should explore it to secure your printing needs. This post has compiled common printer errors you should know, so you don’t panic when one occurs. Let us roll through the list!

    Common Printing Errors in different devices:

    What could possibly go wrong with a printing device? Here are a few common problems that can hit you hard:

    • Unresponsive printer
    • Bad print quality
    • Frequent paper jams
    • Uncertain printer security
    • Prints too slow
    • The printer won’t scan
    • No mobile connectivity
    • Wi-Fi connectivity takes too long
    • Faded colors
    • Blank sheets
    • Half-page prints
    • Light colors
    • The printer is running out of ink
    • Printer Driver problems
    • Loaded paper queue
    • Cartridge/toner issues
    • Misaligned or weird-looking text
    • Streaky or wet prints
    • Too heavy printing colors
    • Blurry image
    • Printing stops in the middle
    • Paper not fitting into margins
    • Toner loading issues
    • Clogged Nozzles
    • The printer randomly shuts off

    Knowing these errors and finding a solution is critical to keeping your printer machine working properly. Rest assured, if you are quick in spotting errors in your device, solving them is not a big deal.

    Bonus Tip:

    Why worry and encounter these recurring issues time and again when you have the option of renting a multifunctional printer like Xerox? A Xerox printer is the least exposed to these issues, and you can enjoy streamlined printing services!

    Key Takeaway:

    Business documentation processes are often complex, and owners/managers habitually neglect them. Going for a printer machine without considering your documentation needs and requirements will bring you nothing but a waste of money and time. Therefore, evaluating your business documentation needs is critical, and opt for a machine that would work best for you!

  • Different Types of Printers You Can Use In Your Offices

    A lot of business tasks and activities include the printing of documents on a huge scale, and as a result, businesses spend a lot on these printing tasks. It is equally important for businesses to improve their print quality without spending too much on these services. To get better results, these businesses opt for various types of printers available in the market. While searching for an ideal printer, it is a must to check the available option against a certain set of standards and features.

    But it is a must to keep in mind that you are not spending most of your money in search of good print quality. This is why you can rely on printer rental Abu Dhabi services for your business’s printing needs and get these services at affordable rates.

    Top 8 Types of Printers You Can Use For Office

    With the increase in demand for print quality and results, there has been a great change in the types of printers manufactured. Each type of printer provides certain features and functionalities, one better than the other.

    Below is the list of types of printers that are ideal to use in offices and homes as well.

    1. Inkjet printers
    2. Laser printers
    3. LED printers
    4. Solid ink printers
    5. Dot matrix printers
    6. 3D printers
    7. Multifunction printers
    8. Thermal printers

    Top 8 reasons you must use a printer

    Below are a few reasons why there is an increase in the use of different types of printers in offices and homes.

    • Printing text
    • Printing documents
    • Printing images
    • Printing story books
    • Printing graphics and banners
    • Scanning
    • Faxing
    • Photocopying

    Top 8 qualities of a printer that are a must consider

    Below are a few qualities that are a must to check in the printers you wish to use for your office so that you get better results.

    • Print Quality
    • Print speed
    • Ease of use
    • Printer size
    • Ink Capacity
    • Paper handling
    • Design
    • Extra funtions

    Key takeaway!

    If you want to improve your print quality and get better results, then you need to look for a few qualities in the printers you look at. You can always rely on printer rental services to get better printing services at affordable rates.